Gardner-Edgerton District – Saturday, Aug. 8th
St James Academy – Thursday, Aug. 13th
Lee’s Summit Community Screening, by CHD Babies – Saturday, Sept. 12th

UPCOMING SCREENING EVENTS – St. Louis:    Coming Soon              UPCOMING SCREENING EVENTS – Tulsa, OK:    Coming Soon

kids heart screeningkids heart screening

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Where do you draw the line in protecting your child?  Schedule your child today for a thorough heart screening, the ATS Heart Check!

Sudden Cardiac Arrest testing saves lives.

Testing Saves Lives

Sudden Cardiac Arrest claims the lives of 130 youth per week.
Unthinkable. Unimaginable. Unnecessary.

Learn more about Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Learn More about Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Ten things you should know about Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

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