According to the March of Dimes, 40,000 babies are born with heart defects each year in the United States.

That is 800 kids every week.9,500 of those children (under age 18) have heart defects that cause them to experience sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).


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About ATS

Athletic Testing Solutions (ATS) is offering the ATS Heart Check screening for kids (ages 8+). Frequently, the warning signs and symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest are masked or misdiagnosed. The ATS Heart Check can help detect congenital heart problems and abnormalities that don’t show up during a regular checkup or sports physical.

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Financial Assistance Available

All of us involved feel strongly that we don't want any family missing out on this opportunity due to financial restrictions. Therefore, financial assistance is available upon request. Click here for a very simple financial assistance form that can be filled out that will determine if you qualify for additional discounts. These special rates are made possible by grants provided by the Strive for Life Foundation and the Jordan Robert Mann Foundation.


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